5 Food in Indore if you are asking,“Yaha Best Kya Hai ?”

12 05-2016
5 Food in Indore if you are asking,“Yaha Best Kya Hai ?”

Indore is a city of foodies, food lovers. It resides in the heart of India and thus one can find all varieties of dishes in Indore. Here chefs cook food with a pinch of love that mesmerizes the taste and makes the food unforgettable. Besides this, there are few must have food of Indore. I feel that I don’t really have to say, as the first thing which will strike in your mind on hearing the name of Indore is poha jalebi.


Go and ask anybody in Indore “Yaha Best Kya Hai”, and they all will sound the same-Poha.

Yummy!People in Indore have their morning started with poha and jalebi. The world famous poha of Indore has no match.


A plate of poha, with coriander leaves spread over it, a pinch of jeeravan, Sev and some chopped onions.
Perfect! I know your mouth started watering but wait; there are four more dishes which make our city more tasteful.


Now comes jalebi, the sweet dish.

S026 Orange Jalebi

Jalebis are Indoreans pride. We are expert in making jalebis.

It is complementary with poha. The city is famous for its food and every bite will make you spellbound.Jalebi is made with maida and besan. The batter is poured in a spiral shape in oil or ghee and is deep fried. Then these fried jalebies are soaked in sugar syrup for a few minutes and then hot jalebies are served in your plate. It is so yummy and sweet that it will make you lick your fingers.

Now can you tell me that what is the necessity of Indoreans and what makes Indore so special, so famous?


Right, we Indoreans love sev and we can enjoy it with any kind of dish.For us it makes our food tastier.


Sev is made with besan and spices. We have different varities of sev in Indore. Like laung sev, ujjaini sev and many more. And you know there are some who can’t even live without it!!

Daal Baafle


It is a Malwa dish and a big heavy meal for us. Baafles are made with wheat flour and maize flour. The batter is made, out of which small balls are made which are little bit flat then they are boiled, and then baked on tandoor or oven. And daal is made with different types of pulses and spices. The aroma of dish itself is tasty! For us daal baafle is a food or a dish for showing our hospitality to our guest. This makes Indoreans famous for their conviviality. We even love to arrange daal baafle party at our farm house.


Hot baafles dipped in ghee and spicy daal with green chutney, lemon and ladoo (adessert) is a

Complete royal meal for us. The smoky flavour makes baafle yummier.

After a heavy meal, we go for a dessert and when we have rabri malpua in our plate nothing best other than this we can have.



Indore is famous for its culinary magic and the scrumptious rabri and malpua is a proof of it.Rabri and malpua are actually two different dishes but when they are combined they make a great taste. Rabri is made with milk. Milk is boiled and layers of cream is collected on the rim of pan. Once the milk is reduced to 1/3, sugar,pistachio, saffron, almonds and cardamoms are added to it. When it is served chilled, it tastes yummy. But with malpua it has no words. Malpua is made with wheat flour, milk and sugar. It looks like a pancake. It is served with rabri to make it more delicious.

But dishes of Indore has no end. I mentioned only 5 names which are must but other than this Indore has a taste in its air that makes the food of Indore incredible. Incredible India! Incredible Indore.

By- Poonam Pande

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